When growing vegetables it is often necessary to provide a good support system for our plants, whether we are a backyard grower that likes to have fresh food produced at home, or a large farmer with many hectares, our plants need us to provide good support for their fruit loaded branches. HORTOMALLAS  is a vegetable support system that replaces the old support with agricultural  raffia.  With horticultural netting even heavy fruits like watermelons and cantaloupes melons are be fully supported by the trellis mesh, which provides great strength and durability.  Support netting works well also will all kinds of tomato seeds.

Raffia is a synthetic raw material widely used in the textile industry where it is commonly used in the form of thread,  obtained by the extrusion of polyolefins; a polymer derived from petroleum, and is used to replace the Jute (scientifically known as Corchorus capsularis) a fibrous plant, of the family of Malvaceae.  This evidences the fact that agricultural raffia was was not designed specifically for the farm field, and can cause many problems and generate large economic losses.  Trellising today with agricultural raffia besides requiring much more labor has other serious disadvantages compared to tutoring with plastic mesh netting.